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Funding Through Professional Organisations 


NHS Procurement

We provide splints for: Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders/EDS, Arthritis, CMT, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury and Pre/Post Surgical rehabilitation. 

Order splints through procurement SBS/Tradeshift by linking with Ring Splints By Zomile. Please contact us for more details and to arrange a consultation. The splints are registered with the MHRA. 


Access To Work 

Simple and effective splinting solutions 

We provide finger splins for clients who are employed/self employed and can't gain funding through the NHS. Clients can self refer to access to work and be assessed by a medical advisor. Medical assessors: Contact us to discuss quotations/ invoicing for your client. 



Equality and Support for All

To gain funding through charitable organisations to support disabled/chronically ill people in home and work. Please see the specific charity website for application details. Ring Splints provide quotations for charity grants. Usual processes require a medical report and a quotation to gain funding.

Contact us for quotations, funding and catalogue information. We are not affiliated with any of the above organisations

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