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As Custom Splints the size is based on your joint measurement in MM.

To Measure please use a thin strip of paper 1/2cm wide x 8 cm Long . Wrap the paper around the effected joint. DIP (Tip) PIP ( Middle) or IP (thumb main)

 If you need ring splints for both finger joints, you will need to do a measurement around each joint.

Mark the join with a pen. Straighten out the paper and place it next to a ruler or a tape measure cm/mm side ( without metal end) take a photo of the measurement  and your finger and send it to us.  Pleas note if you have finger size fluctuations during the day you will need to let us know and take additional measurements.

 Please note if you have finger size fluctuations during the day you will need to let us know and take additional measurements.


Place against a ruler or tape measure cm/mm side

PIP Joint

Please visit the shop and use the CHAT button to leave a message /order enquiry with your measurements

Measuring and Design styles : Team

Please use the measuring guide images to send us a circumference measurement for your joint. Due to distance selling from time to time rings may need small alterations/adjustments to get a perfect fit.

Measuring and Design styles : Text


Measuring and Design styles : Design & Styles

Design & Styles


Interlock Splint  from £50 -

Interlock Silver splint for DIP or PIP joints
size ranges 35-73mm

An elegant Interlock splint designed to stabilise DIP or PIP joints. Stabilises hyperexstension and flexion.  Arthritis/EDS/CMT/Boutonierre/Mallet


MCP Single loop Finger Splint from £55

Silver splint size ranges 36-85mm  circumference- a length measurement is required

This elegant band MCP support splint has two loops one on palm and one on hand to stabilise the joint. It can be made with a buddy band to support adjacent fingers. EDS, OA/RA & CMT 


Finger Buddy Splint from £40-2 or 3 rings

Elegant buddy splint stabilises the base of the fingers, especially helpful for lateral deviation. Can be made with 2/3/4 - sizes 38mm-75mm

A buddy splint helps to stop the fingers from deviating. It can be made with several buddies to support the fingers. 


Best seller ** Plain Single Splint  935 Silver £22

Sizes 38mm-73mm

The Elegant Single splint can be worn on DIP, PIP or both and the Thumb IP joint.  Especially useful for EDS/HSD, Oste/Rheumatoid Arthritis. Can be worn different ways for trigger finger, swan neck deformity, mallet finger, boutonnière etc.


Textured Single splint 935 silver from £28

Size range 38mm-73mm

This elegant textured splint can be made in dimple dent texture, square dent texture and criss-cross texture. Can be worn different ways for a variety of conditions

Gem Stone Single splint from £35

size range 36-73mm

 The elegant single splint can be made with textured or plain smooth Silver. Available with one or two set gem stones. Can be worn for a variety of conditions. 

embellished Single Ring Splint 935 Silver from £33


The single splint design has been  elegantly styled with your choice of embellishment, choose from, Bee, Lightening, Leaf, Flower, Heart, Moon, Moon&Gem, Flower&Gem, Star, Butterfly, Cat, Dog, Music notes, Zebra stripes. 

24ct Gold Plating service from £15 


Gold Vermeil plate is available in yellow and Rose on all Silver Splints . 

Measuring and Design styles : Design & Styles

Thumb Splint Single Loop Splint £90- £180

Silver Splint for Thumbs. sizes 50mm-74mm circumference IP

This thumb splint stabilises hypermobile thumbs, it can be made with the loop onto the hand for hypermobility, or palm for arthritis/ CMT.  Made in  textured or plane finish. gems/gold plate can be added ( additional cost)

Thumb Single Splint with double Loop £115-175

Silver thumb Splint size range 50mm-74mm circumference IP.

Main IP Thumb Splint allows bend blocks extension.  Restricts flexion and extension at CMC/MCP Arthritis/EDS/CMT thumb Injury. Available in Plain Silver Textured, Gem stone and Gold Plate ( additional costs)


Thumb Interlock Splint with single or double loop £115-£199

Thumb Splint size ranges 50mm-74mm circumference. Arthritis, EDS, CMT. Thumb Injury

The Interlock splint can be made with 1 or 2 loops on hand, palm or both. The interlock block extension and flexion of the IP joint, loops on both palm and hand block flexion and extension. Available in plain or textured Silver, Gem stone. Golf plate ( additional costs)

Measuring and Design styles : Designs

Please send a message with photos of your finger/s and measurement next to a ruler/ tape measure. If you experience fluctuations in the size of your joint/s please measure several times during the day. A splint may need returning for fine adjustment.

 Rings are sent out Royal Mail signed Large letter post,  signed Small Parcel Post & Special Delivery for larger orders and packages. Costs from £3-99-£8.99 Thumb Splints sent International Track and Signed (Outside U.K) £12.00-£20.00It is the responsibility of the Customer to make sure measurements are correct.  

Measuring and Design styles : Text
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