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S Hutchins

My beautiful ring splints all glistening in the sun. These really do help with hyperextension and massively reduce my pain. They allow me to sew for so much longer. Fabulous job as always. Thank you x

S. Bardwell-Wheat

received my ring splint this morning and am so pleased with it! It fits perfectly and I'm hoping it will reduce the pain in my finger. Zomile has been wonderful throughout the ordering process; happy to discuss my needs and custom make my ring. I would highly recommend that if you're looking for this type of splint, give Zomile a message! Thanks again.

S. James

I received my rings today and I can not express how fantastic these rings are! I have tried quite a few splints and found them to be uncomfortable and the wire type the edges dug and cut into my fingers.  I would highly recommend the rings. Its worth spending a little bit more  to get  these amazing splints. They also dont take ages to come from America and no hidden postal charges for duty, they came within 2 days of me ordering. I am really pleased and most of all my pain has gone. Thank you so much Zomile you have been so helpful all the way through the process.

Mr G Venn, Weaver

This is my hand and I have been using the ring splints for a few months now. As you can see my joints are a bit of a mess and the splints have been a very useful help as  I keep active with craft work and these are a great help. 'How does overlapping them work in practice? Is it comfortable?' I find it better as it helps the fingers feel straight. 'what's it like to bend them (the right way) though?' Very easy, I have full motion in the safe range. The only thing I have to watch is threads catching but that just means concentrating. My tip joints are shot and wobble around so need both joints protecting

T. Leverton

For Thumb MCP joint

Do you know already I feel as if it's helping, I never thought it would because I didn't think it was that joint which needed stabilising. I'm a bit gobsmacked to be honest, I will definitely be buying another!

I'm a crafter and I was supposed to be making all my daughters wedding invitations. It's been tough going but this splint has made it much much easier

Thank you xxx

L. Dye

Thank you so much for the ring, received today.  It’s a great fit and I love it!!

Hopefully I will soon be using all fingers again when I touch type, as it’ll give me the support I need to get back the strength in that finger!

Thank you also for an excellent service.  I am so pleased I found your website and would recommend you to anyone else who is looking for one of these rings.

J Sandy

Thank you so so much. I was honestly getting to the point of despair with my EDS type II fingers. The relief of using these with my index finger was instant- reduced pain and they felt comfortably supported. I can use my fingers again without them dislocating. I play the piano and was very upset that I may not be able to play so much any more. But these have given me hope I can continue to do that alongside other normal things like opening car doors, typing and squeezing bottles of shampoo! Genuinely life changing. I can't thank you enough for your expert advice and super quick delivery. I wish I had found you sooner. Thank you. Xx

S. James wrote:

Earlier this week I received my first ring splint. I had various questions before I ordered which were all responded to quickly and Zomile couldn't have been more helpful. Payment was easy and delivery was quick but more importantly the splint is brilliant! I can't stop flexing my finger to marvel at how it feels. I ordered the ring as I have EDS hypermobility type and am developing osteo- arthritis in my hands. In recent years I have found the pain increasing and my strength decreasing as well as my fingers starting to become mis-shapen. Thank you, I hope to be ordering another 3 over the coming months.

G Levvett wrote:

'Dear Zomile,

I thought that I would just drop you a short note to let you know that your ring splint has worked wonders !

After breaking the knuckle on my little finger ( and leaving it for several months as I did not know that it was broken), the surgeon said that the only way to stop the pain and straighten the finger was surgery to permanently fuse the finger straight. Ordinary splints stopped it hurting but were ugly and I couldn’t keep them on all the time. Your ring has completed cured my finger !. I decided to keep the ring on all the time, day and night for several months to see if the bone sorted itself out in the right position and that is exactly what has happened. As the ring is pretty I could keep it on all the time, and also wash etc with it on. After five months my finger is now completely back to normal, straight, completely flexible and pain free. So thank you !'

M Harris  wrote:

'I recently purchased a ring from zomile for my girlfriend who suffers from  3 EDS, her hands have recently got very bad and simple tasks like writing, drawing, typing or even holding a glass was very pain full and difficult to do. the original ring i bought was a size too big and kept flying off everywhere but the lovely lady of zomile was very fast, friendly, helpful and professional and soon replaced the ring to a smaller size and the ring took only 1 day to be delivered on both occasions. my girlfriend can now sit her up coming exams in college and i would recommend purchasing one of this simple yet amazing rings and my self and my girlfriends family will most likely purchase again from zomile. 10/10!

Online Order Sandra wrote:

'Just thought I would let you know the rings are working out fine for me they have even helped to keep the swelling down that I usually wake up with, so I would just like to thank you for all your kind help.

Sandra x'

E Hetherington wrote:

'This is my new ring, I love it! It not only stops the hyperextension but it also allows me to hold the pen with a looser grip and still feel in control! I have tried several ways in the past of counteracting that proprioceptive issue and trying to teach myself not to grip so hard, but it's never been possible until now. It always made me feel like I had no control over the pen.'

T. Sherman 'Thank you so much for my Ring, not only is it comfortable and stylish I can use my hand again with no pain. I love it'

FB user

'Fits perfectly and stops my thumb pushing in and popping.... Thank you so so much....... '

FB user

'Over the moon with new ring will definitely order again'

A Bradhsaw

' Wonderful product, would highly recommend '

C. Pyke 'I highly recommend this lovely lady's products. Mine are fab and stay on better than the hospital issued  ones.'


' I want to thank you for your great service and quick delivery! Your rings are perfect and my consultant at my hospital saw them yesterday and was impressed! She even asked where I got them from :)))

Huge thank you x

J Claxton

I want to share with you the following .

I was shopping last week and when paying for the item the woman behind me complimented me on my 'funky ring'

I found that extremely flattering.  I explained the reason for wearing it and she  then confided that she had the

beginnings of problems. I passed on your details so I hope it gets you some more interest. Thanks for making this Nanna

feel funky again!

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